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Bay Area Travels is a travel agency that offers vacation packages to experience exotic destinations, the finest hotels, and the most interesting tours at unbelievable prices! Our aim at inspiring a passion for travel by connecting you with the top quality and competitively priced vacation packages. Whether you are planning a vacation to North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia or have some other place in mind, do reach out to us and we can help plan it for you. We collaborate with top class Travel Management Companies in the destination countries to tailor all-inclusive vacation packages to meet the needs of our varied customers. 

Truck Bed Guitar Session
Feet in the Ocean
Tail Part of a Plane
Vacation Consulting
Tropical Island
Lakeside Camping
Sunset Hang Gliding
Sail Boat in Tropics
Sydney Opera House
World Peace

As a leading local travel agency, we pride ourselves in being exceptionally knowledgeable about the destinations we sell and importantly work with the best local operators to guarantee high quality service and value for money.

Vacations are great to get a break, spend time with family and friends, relax and get to see the world.

Contact us today and we will make it happen!!