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Long Train Ride

Corporate Travel

We are local, we live and work in the community we serve. Experience has taught us that most companies are looking for a travel program. We anticipate your daily travel needs, and our staff is expert in responding to each of these needs with high quality responses, to improve your experience with us. 

We know how important fast response and personalized service is when it comes to your travel needs. We will provide you with tickets at any time of the day. 
Bay Area Travels helps you manage the travel needs of your business and provides customers an efficient experience. Out-source your business travel to us today and you will always experience our service delivered at its best.


Best Holiday ever

Friends Hiking

We offer vacation packages to experience exotic destinations, the finest hotels, and the most interesting tours at unbelievable prices! Our aim at inspiring a passion for travel by connecting you with the top quality and competitively priced vacation packages. Whether you are planning a vacation to North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia or have some other place in
mind, do reach out to us and we can help plan it for you. We collaborate with top class Travel Management Companies in the destination countries to tailor all- inclusive vacation packages to meet the needs of our varied customers.

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